Tips For Making Your Kitchen Look Like A Million Dollars

The kitchen is the meeting place and social center of our homes. We go there to eat dinner, talk about our day and even smell the wonderful meals from our mothers. When we walk into our kitchens however, they are sometimes a little less desirable than we wish them to be. For this reason, giving them a facelift or changing them up can be a great option.

The flooring

The first thing that we want to change up is the flooring. We would love to have luxury vinyl plank in seattle wa as our flooring option but you can get away with other inexpensive options as well. When we have a nice floor it helps to keep the kitchen looking clean and tidy.


The next thing that we would like to change up is the cabinets. They often get dinged up in different areas and they don’t look as appealing. The cheaper solution for this is to paint them with a new glossy finish. This will help to add some shine and take away from the imperfections that might be there in the current cabinet.

We can also change out the handles on these cabinets as well. We can go with something very stylish or even cute and fun.


luxury vinyl plank in seattle wa

Our counter-tops are another thing that we would like to change. We all want granite because it is a great and strong option for our counters but not everyone can afford this luxury. Luckily there are many other options that you can use instead of granite and some of them are very nice as well.


Now that you have an overall look and feel, it is time to change out your appliances. You want to have appliances that are sleek and have nice curves and angles. Most new appliances are going to be digital which makes them easy to use.